Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How Millennials are redefining Business Travel

Who says you can't combine work and play? Not millennials, at least. Recent research suggests they aren't the strictly utilitarian business trippers their parents tend to be. While traveling for business, millennials are spending more company money than their gen X and baby boomer colleagues. But before your company puts its expense accounts on lockdown, it's worth first considering how that trend could be an opportunity rather than a threat.

Although millennials are frugal shoppersby some accounts, they don’t act like it when they’re spending company cash. An Expedia survey found that 37% of 18– to 30-year-old business travelers spend more on room service when their companies are paying, compared to only 21% of business travelers in the 46–65 demographic. Millennial travelers are also more likely to say they're entitled to earn loyalty points on business trips. Given the option, they might choose their favorite hotel or airline, even when cheaper options are available.

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